A workflow, even in its basic form, streamlines paper-based processes to deliver your business scalable tools that optimize workflow efficiency, foster collaboration and lower operational costs.

COMDOC's technology advisors can develop an optimal workflow for your organization and create a system that ensures the work is performed to management expectations and meets all your business and regulatory expectations.

COMDOC starts by helping your business design specific workflow processes and identify relevant users and documents. Then, the workflow application uses that defined process to automatically execute each step - routing tasks to appointed or dynamically-determined participants and tracking progress.

Changing a step or a staff person involved in a project is simple with workflow management technology giving your organization the flexibility to re-design workflow as your business changes and fast-track the implementation of the new process.

Whether it's the universal application of Open Text Extended Workflow Software or the built-in workflow feature of Microsoft SharePoint®, COMDOC can help your business gain the workflow functionality you desire. Ask us how your organization can optimize efficiency and take advantage of the workflow features listed below:

Workflow Mapping – COMDOC's technology advisors work alongside your business to analyze your business processes and systems, identify pain points and common tasks, and then map out an efficient workflow strategy that delivers results.

Workflow Alerts - Automatically alert users when tasks are assigned, or when processes become late. Users can drag and drop steps and assignees, attach documents, set milestones, and specify other details such as deliverables and due dates.

Audit Activity - Track the trail of users to increase security and ensure complete transparency. The audit functionality of COMDOC's workflow solutions allows organizations to view detailed information about the activities performed on documents by users.

Software Integration - Synchronizing data across multiple applications is made easy with COMDOC's workflow management solutions. Solutions from industry leaders such as Open Text fully integrate and provide two-way communication with other software applications such as electronic document filing applications.

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