Document Management Solutions

Imagine never picking up another piece of paper to file, wondering the status of a project, or wishing you had easy access to specific business information.

Whether it's electronic document filing, automated workflow, SharePoint®, or efficient document capture software, businesses looking for new ways to manage information, increase productivity, and cut costs are finding results. COMDOC's experienced and highly-trained team understands the complexities of these applications and processes and what equipment is needed to deliver a cost-effective solution that meets your business needs.

Ask how COMDOC can help your business improve worker productivity through these innovative collaboration tools:

Business Process Consulting - Streamline your business processes by tapping into a team of experienced technology advisors who can help your business identify its technology needs and implement a solution that maximizes your ROI.

Electronic Filing - Increase office space and efficiency by eliminating file cabinets. COMDOC's electronic document filing solutions allow your business to automatically save files based on properties of the content and create a shared digital archive with a powerful search engine. Learn how your business can more efficiently store data, find information fast, and reduce operating costs.

Workflow - Simplify the way people work together and foster more collaboration by designing a structured workflow, automating the steps and using tickler tools to notify employees of their roles and upcoming deadlines. COMDOC's workflow management solutions allow your business to more effectively complete projects and track progress. Learn more about the workflow features your organization can use to optimize efficiency.

SharePoint® - Access the tools your business needs to perform faster and better for less through a centralized SharePoint Intranet site. Through SharePoint, your business can centrally manage and access documents, streamline routine business activities, and meet increasing regulatory requirements. Learn how your business can use SharePoint to save time, energy, and resources.

Document Capture - COMDOC's software specialists have custom developed document capture software that allows you to easily scan and store documents from your Kyocera MFP to your document management system. COMDOC's Kyocera HyPAS connector enables distributed scanning from Kyocera HyPAS enabled devices into your Docuware® or Open Text Document Server, Alchemy Edition document management system. Now you can scan, index, and store documents in a single step from your Kyocera MFP directly Docuware® or Document Server.

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