Data Security

Securing The Data On YOUR Hard Drive

In an effort to inform and protect our customers, COMDOC now makes ensuring that the information processed by your copier stays safely within your organization and not in the hands of identity thieves.

What You NEED To Know:

  • Nearly every digital copier contains one or more hard drives, capable of storing all types of data.
  • Lease return and used copiers are customarily redistributed to buyers, wholesalers, and overseas distributors, without having the necessary steps taken to eliminate sensitive data.
  • Although the data stored may be encrypted, it is still possible to gain access to your personal information.
  • Many of these copiers contain the IP address of the company's primary and secondary email server and, in some cases, a secure log-on password.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that companies in the United States lose more than $600 billion a year due to fraud, and document fraud is a large part of this statistic. Now that MFPs and laser printers are able to store data, they've become an integral part of business networks, and a critical point of vulnerability. They retain latent document images and contact information, leaving sensitive information and mission-critical data at risk. These threats to security can come from anyone, anywhere. The 2009 Data Breach Investigation Report found that 74% of security breaches resulted from external sources and 20% were traced to insiders. Reports from a variety of resources have come to these same conclusions: data theft is common, it happens regularly, and everyone is aware that it's a serious problem. That's why we deliver serious security solutions. In addition to protecting against security breaches and possible litigation, we assist in keeping businesses compliant with ever-increasing government regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and eDiscovery.

COMDOC offers multiple solutions to help protect your company's sensitive data!

OPTION #ONE: Data Security Kits

Protect your company’s confidential documents, information and assets with Kyocera’s optional Data Security Kits for select MFPs and Printers. Kyocera’s Data Security Kit is very simple to implement, easy to use and highly reliable
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OPTION #TWO: INFOsweep Solution

INFOsweep Solution


  1. An INFOSweep authorized technician powers-up the machine, test its functionality and prints benchmark reports identifying specific data contained within the unit.
  2. The technician removes the unit’s hard drive(s) and purges all data utilizing a process that conforms to NIST standards.The drive is security tagged and rendered physically inoperable.
  3. Once the hard drive data has been purged, the technician issues a Chain of Custody Record ensuring secure tracking of the device through destruction
  4. The technician installs a new, properly formatted hard drive. The machine is again powered-up. A process is followed to clear data stored in the unit in areas other than on the hard drive(s). Such data may include network data, IP addresses, email and fax addresses, company directories, contact lists and job logs.
  5. The benchmarking process is repeated, and appropriate reports are printed ensuring that the unit has been successfully purged of all data.
  6. All necessary settings and configurations are restored and the machine is tested to ensure that it is fully functional, cleared of all data, and ready to be returned to service.
  7. The technician issues an INFOSweep Certification.
  8. The purged and disabled drive is delivered to DCSI’s Northern California facility where it will be cataloged and destroyed.
  9. A Certificate of Destruction is issued.



  1. Hard Drive Removal
  2. Hard Drive DATA Destruction
  3. Hard Drive Replacement & Reformatting for the Specific Copier
  4. Delete Network Passwords, Server IP Addresses, Company Directories & Job Logs

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