Document Capture Solutions

COMDOC's software specialists have custom developed document capture software that allows you to easily scan and store documents from your Kyocera MFP to your document management system.

COMDOC's Kyocera HyPAS connector enables distributed scanning from Kyocera HyPAS enabled devices into your DocuWare® or Open Text Document Server, Alchemy Edition document management system. Now you can scan, index, and store documents in a single step from your Kyocera MFP directly to DocuWare® or Document Server.

Benefits of the HyPAS Connector:

  • Allows multiple users to scan in documents for a more efficient workflow.
  • Workers that are familiar with the document now have the capability to scan and index them directly into DocuWare® or Document Server, reducing errors.
  • Allows you to utilize your existing investment in Kyocera devices.
  • Eliminates or minimizes the use of expensive dedicated scanners and the maintenance costs associated with them.
  • Sequential scanning process minimizes errors.
  • Documents can be scanned and indexed without touching the DocuWare® or Document Server interface. Scan and Store to DocuWare®

With COMDOC's HyPAS connector, Kyocera devices receive real-time data from DocuWare®; therefore, changes made to repositories, volumes, folders, index fields, and templates in DocuWare® are immediately accessible to users at the Kyocera control panel. Because the Kyocera HyPAS connector operates in real-time with DocuWare®, there is no maintenance or configuration required. Learn more about the simple steps to scanning and storing documents to DocuWare ®.

Scan and Store to Open Text Document Server, Alchemy Edition

Kyocera devices communicate directly to Document Server to update changes made to repositories, folders, and index data. The updated information is accessible at the panel of the Kyocera devices. The capability of the connector to refresh or update data when changes are made eliminates the need to configure and maintain middleware. Learn more about the simple steps to scanning and storing documents to Document Server.

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