COMDOC attains Microsoft Certified Gold partner Status

Savannah, GA – COMDOC is proud to announce that it has the achieved the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status, the top tier in the Microsoft Partner Program. COMDOC has additionally achieved the OEM Hardware Solution and Midmarket Solution Provider competencies in the Microsoft Certified Partner Program.


COMDOC Adds Dell and Lenovo Vendor Alliances

Savannah, GA – COMDOC has added two significant partnerships to its ever-deepening IT resource tool bag joining forces with Dell and Lenovo.


COMDOC forms web alliance with eMarketSouth

Savannah, GA – COMDOC has formed a strategic alliance with eMarketSouth to provide website design and Internet hosting to its clients.


COMDOC Announces Three Digital Copier Security Programs

Savannah, GA – Katie Couric made digital copier security a hot office topic when she aired her story April 15, 2010. Since that time, everyone from mom and pop businesses to Congress have been doing research on the vulnerabilities and risks associated with these devices. Katie pointed out that most every digital copier introduced since 2002 contains a hard drive which could contain a copy of every print,...

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